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You’re once, twice, four times Italian…

On the docket (I love that word) tonight.. well actually, it’s not like I drank all these in one night. That would be CRAZY… But on the menu tonight (from a review POV) are 4 Italian wines. 3 Reds and 1 White. 

When it comes to Italian wines, I know almost nothing. Chianti and Tuscany. Barolo and Barbaresco…. Annnnd I’m out. But that doesn’t mean I can’t drink and enjoy them. Which is exactly what we did over the last several days. 

(I feel compelled to mention that my not knowing much of anything about the winegrowing regions in Italy will soon come to an end. Mostly because I really don’t like not knowing things. But for now, we’ll leave it be.)

So let’s get to it then, eh?


Tasca d’Almerita – 2010 Lamuri Nero d’Avola – 14% ALC – Sicily, Italy – about $17


Pours a lighter red fading to pink shades on edges. Very translucent, looking pretty thin in the glass.

Smells of red red red fruits. Raspberry and light strawberry. Light spices. Light earthy aromas. Tea coming out over time. Jammy-ness coming out a bit as well.

Taste is mostly bright red fruits. RASPBERRY. SO MUCH RASPBERRY. after some time, pencil shavings and mint.

Mouthfeel on the low end of medium with moderate dryness.

Finish is medium plus in length with aftertones of acidity and raspberry fruits. Black tea lingers after the raspberry fades.

For this price I’d definitely have to say…



Il Poggione – Rosso di Montalcino 2011 – Tuscany, Italy – about $20 – 14% alc


Pours light purple. Looks thin in the glass. Smells of savory, gamey meats. Red fruits and lightly buttered biscuits with a hint of rose pedals. Taste was all red fruits and acidity. Those savory meats come in as well. Medium body that’s quite grippy and drying. Finish is medium in length and fruity. 

Overall good to very good. Has something different going on with those meaty, savory notes. Worth it if you see it.



Sergio Mottura – Poggio Della Costa Grechetto 2012 – 13.5% alc – Ci Vitella d’Agliano, Italy – about $19


Pours a vibrant, golden yellow.

Smell is very light. Flowery perfume and pineapple/tropical fruits. Some minerality as well.

Taste is bright with medium plus acidity. A little fruity and flowery.

Rather short finish. 

Might pair pretty well with food but probably too acidic on its own. For the money I really can’t say it’s definitely worth it.



Azelia de Luigi Scavino – 2009 Barolo – 14.5% alc – Piedmont, Italy – about $30


This guy pours a nice shade of purple with the edges fading to almost brown.

Smells of dark plummy fruits, dusty chocolate, slight vegetation, light acidity.

Taste is mostly plums and dark fruits with light spices and chocolate hints that come more and more to the fore with air time.

Mouthfeel is medium, grippy and drying.

Finish is long in length with the flavors pretty much following the smell/taste.

Honestly, this sounds very straightforward, and it is. But what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in power. It’s not exactly subtle in its flavor. As kristy said, “it’s stimulating without too much or too little of anything.” That sums it up pretty well if you ask me.

I know it’s not the cheapest wine in the world, and it’s not as challenging as a lot of Barolo tends to be (there’s no mention of tar in this review so it doesn’t exactly follow the Barolo MO), but it is a damn good wine. Is it worth the price of admission? Barely. 

So if you see it and you have the means and you want some plummy goodness then grab it.



I think next time we are going to do some French wines. A red and a white.